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A Zoro x Robin Community.
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10th-Jun-2013 05:08 pm - [Selling] ❁One Piece Doujinshi❁
Information -> http://okiba.livejournal.com/15263.html
Sales Post -> http://okiba.livejournal.com/19083.html

Circles: sue, other
Pairing: Zoro/Robin

**I'm not sure if sale posts are allowed. Please feel free to delete.
As usual, our Zoro is Robin's knight in shining armor~! X3 Another ZoRo moment has appeared in the manga in Chapter 685! You can read the chapter here~ http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82452500/1 or http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v60/c685/

Oda-sensei is totally supporting this coupling~! :D He doesn't have to say it, but I can see it for sure. :)

11th-Sep-2012 06:25 pm - New ZoRo Music Video - Sail Away
Does everyone remember the coolest ZoRo video called "Adore You" ? Well, the YouTube who created as posted another one, although this one is actually an old video he remade. Check it out here~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wrk6NlQ1RY

Remember to give the YouTube compliments for his hard work. :)

Although they spoke only once, I kinda considered this to be a Zoro and Robin moment in One Piece Chapter 680! :D On page six, Zoro took of his coat because wearing it was too hot, but Robin told him it might get cold again, meaning she was concern (I think)!

Check out the chapter here~ http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82521962/1 or http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v60/c680/
18th-Aug-2012 09:36 pm - From Chapter 639 To Episode 560~!
KYAAA~!! :D Okay, everyove remembers the ZoRo scene from Chapter 639, right?

Well, this scence happens to be one my favorites, and I'm SUPER excited to tell you that it's finally came out in the episode, which you view here~ http://onepieceofficial.com/videos.aspx

The episode made Zoro look even cooler~! Kyaa~! I love him, and it showed a scene with Zoro and Robin back-to-back at the end! Check it out, and remember to keep supporting the One Piece series by buying the DVDs! :)
7th-Aug-2012 07:15 pm(no subject)
little luffy - pleased
Title: no telling just now what we have in store
Genre: drama, romance
Pairing: Zoro/Robin
Notes: written for 1sentence, set; delta ...and you can tell I just use the lyrics of the song I was listening to as the title, but I tried, don't hate. 

clickety! ) 

Yesterday on July 28 FUNimation has announced they have licensed Season 5 and Strong World! WHOO-HOOO~! We get to see Enies Lobby and we finally, finally, FINALLY get to see the movie in English! That means we can also see Brook! If you don't believe, look it up! :) Trust me, every One Piece fans who knows are going crazy about it since last night! We get to see Robin's past and everything! I'm so excited, so I hope you are too!

Spread the word, and tell people to keep supporting One Piece by buying the DVDs! :)
28th-May-2012 09:40 pm(no subject)
Hello! I'm fairly new to LJ (I say fairly because I've always been a bit of a creeper around it). Zoro/Robin is one of my favourite pairings from One Piece.

I can't really tell how many other people will actually be interested in this, but I've just finished making a ZoRobin video. It's a manga music video, with pictures taken right from the manga, and it's rather short - it was created over the course of yesterday's morning and afternoon, you see.

But if you're the least bit curious, please give it a look-see, and I'd like to know what you thought of it. The video is here.

Have a good day!
11th-Apr-2012 04:22 pm - One Piece Chapter 663 - Minor Hints
The One Piece chapter is out and about! For some strange reason, Mangareader is not working, so here's a link to another site so all of you can view~ http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v60/c663/

Let's off with the minor ZoRo hints I saw in today's chapter, shall we? :)

1.) Zoro and Robin are sitting directly side by side together on Brownbeard's alligator backside, and, of course, are speaking very casually together! The talking about may not be counted as a hint, but seeing converse just males me all happy!

2.) On page 14, Zoro and Robin are side by side again and are the only ones acting normal (Thank God, too! Our Straw Hats are all crazy!). And page 16, you can clearly see Zoro right by Robin! By the way, doesn't our Robin looks so beautiful in the coat and her hair so soft and wavy? :) It's nice to her cute forehead free from her sunglasses.

Peace out until the hints are shown and/or news!

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